Recreational Insurance
(Motorcycle, RV, Boat & ATV)

Recreational Insurance

Motorcycle, Boat and RV insurance is available to you at a competitive price at EZ Center Insurance Services. All policies offer liability as well as comprehensive and collision coverage to the unit you are insuring. The limits of liability offered differ between companies so you need an experienced agent to guide you through this.

Hollywood Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is so affordable for both legal liability to third parties and for the bike as well. Several factors are taken into consideration when your motorcycle insurance premium is calculated. What type of motorcycle do you ride? How old are you and how many years of experience do you have operating a motorbike? Of course we want to see your motor vehicle record to know what kind of driving history you have. A “full coverage” motorcycle insurance policy will provide you with third party liability for bodily injury and/or property damage you cause as a result of operating your bike as well as insuring your bike against physical loss referred to as comprehensive and collision damage.

Hollywood RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles are great to have. Not only can you vacation in comfort but in the event of an emergency to your residence you have a place to stay and if need be to get away. Our home away from home came in handy during the 2013 Green Valley Powerhouse fires when we had to evacuate our home with our three dogs and five cats. Good times! However you want to refer to it, caravan insurance, motorhome insurance, RV insurance we have the product and price that will fit your budget.

Hollywood Boat Insurance

Boating is great fun, right? Nothing compares to a day on the boat enjoying the fresh air with your family and friends. Watercraft aka boat insurance is a unique product all to itself. You really need the hollywood boat insurance experts to guide you through this insurance buying process. Our clients are often surprised that one of the first things we will ask about is your vehicle driving record. That report gives us an excellent indication of how you would handle a boat on the open water.

Hollywood ATV Insurance

Yes, for many the ATV is the ultimate toy. For insurance companies it can be the ultimate nightmare. Texas, California and Pennsylvania lead in the most deaths as a result of ATV related accidents. While they are exciting and I will even give you “fun” when there is a lack of experience they can be deadly. This is why ATV or Quad insurance policy purchases are put under the microscope. Here is what our insurance companies will be looking at:

The type of ATV you own is a huge consideration. Some units are deemed safer than others. Your experience as an operator and the safety gear you engage while operating your unit will be inquired about. The terrain you drive on or the geographic area where you use the unit is a final consideration when ATV or Quad insurance is being sought.

Not all states require liability insurance for the ATV. If you are going to operate it on public roads then liability insurance will be probably be required. If you finance the purchase of your ATV the bank will require comprehensive and collision damage on the unit until such time as the loan is paid.

At EZ Center Insurance Services we understand your desire to own and operate these units and we can definitely help you find the best ATV or Quad insurance available. Call us today to get your most competitive rate on motorcycle, rv, boat, and atv insurance in Hollywood.