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Looking for the best rate on auto insurance in Hollywood? EZ Center is a leading provider of auto insurance and has you covered!

Car insurance will protect you from financial loss if you are ever involved in an auto accident.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we can help you find great Auto Insurance coverage! Here are just a few of the common vehicles that we insure:

An auto insurance policy is essentially an agreement between yourself and your insurer that provides you with property, liability and medical coverage.

An auto policy may provide any of the following protections:


If your car is stolen or is damaged by something other than a collision with another car or object (i.e. fire, falling objects, explosions, hail, vandalism, etc.). Comprehensive insurance will also reimburse you if your windshield is cracked or shattered. Some companies offer glass coverage with or without a deductible.

Medical Payments

Medical payments (or personal injury protection plans) pay for the care of injuries to the driver and passengers of the policyholder’s car in the event of an accident. Depending on the amount of coverage you choose, medical payments coverage can cover medical costs, lost wages, and possible funeral costs.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability coverage covers the damage you, or someone driving your car with your permission, does to another person’s property. Usually, this includes damage to lamp posts, telephone poles, buildings, fences, or other structures you may hit.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability covers the designated driver or policy holder if they injure others. If you have family members listed on your policy, they are also covered if driving another person’s vehicle with their permission. Buying the right amount of coverage is essential to protect your assets (home, car, boat, savings etc.) if you are involved in an accident. Please talk to one of our agents to help determine the right amount of coverage for you and your family.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are hit by an uninsured driver, or are the victim of a hit and run accident, this type of coverage will reimburse you, a member of your family, or a designated driver. Underinsured motorist coverage is used when an at-fault driver does not have enough insurance to pay for the costs to repair your vehicle. This coverage can also come into play if you are hit as a pedestrian.


Collision coverage covers damage that to your car that results from a collision with another vehicle or object. You can choose a relatively low deductable or a high one- but keep in mind that a higher deductable will result in a lower premium.

<b>Auto Insurance in LA County</b>

Auto Insurance in LA County

A car insurance policy is a must for all motorists as a safety net in case of unforeseen events like fire, falling items, theft, vandalism, and the like. For the most part, consumers do not believe that they need automobile insurance. What would happen if you were involved in an accident and had no insurance? In the end, having car insurance is essential for all drivers.

Getting into an accident is always possible, regardless of whether you drive a brand-new sports vehicle or an aging sedan. Every time an accident occurs, it costs money, no matter the cause or scope of the incident. Accidents are also capable of causing severe harm or death. Having no vehicle insurance puts you at risk of having your driver's license revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which might cost you thousands of dollars in damages and medical expenses. Consider looking for the best car Insurance near Los Angeles to avoid inconveniences.

Find out what you need to know about Auto Insurance in LA County below:

What factors go into setting the pricing?

You can calculate insurance premiums using a variety of parameters, but they all utilize the same fundamental formula. It is not only the kind of vehicle you drive, for instance, if you are a commuter, but also how often you do so and your driving record. Other variables that might affect your premium include:

  • What is your current age, gender and relationship status?

Statistically, male and younger drivers are more likely to get into a car collision than older, more experienced drivers. Couples are less likely to claim after an accident than unmarried drivers.

  • Where you live

Most insurance companies see urban residents as a higher risk than those in rural areas with less traffic and fewer vehicle thefts and break-ins, but this is not always the case.

  • Your creditworthiness

When determining rates in many states, insurance firms can use credit ratings. According to the industry, drivers with excellent credit are less likely to be involved in an accident. Car owners with lesser incomes are unjustly penalized, according to consumer groups. Thus they want this practice banned.

Each insurance provider has a different pricing structure

The cost of car insurance varies significantly from one insurance company to another. Each firm has its formula to measure risk and determine how much you should be paying for insurance. There will never be a policy with the same price from two different insurers. In many cases, the price difference is hundreds of dollars. As a result, you may overpay if you don't shop to get the best auto insurance company.

Auto insurance is a very competitive industry, and one of the best ways to get affordable car insurance is to shop around. Motorists need to shop for an insurance provider that offers competitive rates and high-quality service. The best strategy is to figure out what coverage and choices you need and then shop around for the best deal on car insurance. Our experienced agent at EZ Center Insurance will help you compare multiple policies to help you find the best, most affordable coverage.

Understanding the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance

This is possibly the most perplexing aspect of car insurance. It seems that many consumers have no idea what they are purchasing. Over six in ten Americans wrongly assume that their comprehensive insurance coverage covers damage to their vehicle in the event of an accident.

The Insurance Information Institute says:

  • Comprehensive

Fire, flood, vandalism, hail, falling boulders or trees or a deer strike are all examples of incidents that might cause damage to a vehicle but are not caused by a car accident.

  • Collision

When you are at fault in a collision with another vehicle or object, this coverage pays for the damage to your automobile. Damage from hitting potholes or rolling your car is also covered.

Collision and comprehensive coverage are extra vehicle insurance options. Suppose you or another driver causes damage or injury to someone else's vehicles or property while operating your vehicle. In that case, you must have liability insurance to comply with the law.


What is the basic car insurance coverage in California?

Drivers in California are required by law to carry at least the following coverages:

  • Coverage for bodily injury is limited to $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.
  • Liability insurance for property damage: $5,000 as a minimum
  • Minimum bodily injury liability coverage for uninsured motorists: $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident
  • A $3,500 deductible is required for uninsured motorist property damage coverage.
    While these are the minimum coverages required by California, each person's insurance requirements are different and must be considered.

Does California require full coverage?

Most lease and loan agreements in California require full insurance coverage for all drivers, regardless of whether they own or lease a car. Comprehensive, collision and liability insurance are all included in full coverage.

Can I have out-of-state car insurance in California?

No, you cannot register and insure your vehicle in two different states. In most cases, your vehicle should be registered and insured in the state where you live. In some cases, switching car insurance can be an option.