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DUI Car Insurance In Los Angeles, CA

Driving mistakes are not uncommon, one of which includes getting behind the wheel after drinking. However, if you get a DUI drinking conviction, DUI car insurance in Los Angeles, CA can come to your rescue.

At EZ Center Insurance Services, our carriers will offer a workable plan that fits your lifestyle and protects you from expensive driving mistakes.

Difference Between a DUI and a DWI

Driving under the influence or DUI is associated with car ownership, driving, and use of the road. It is sometimes used interchangeably with driving while intoxicated (DWI). Most states use DUI, while others use DWI. The term, operating under the influence (OUI) is also used in some states to mean DUI.
There are few jurisdictions issue with both DWIs and DUIs. In some states, DWI typically refers to alcohol impairment, while a DUI charge may be issued to those impaired through some other means, such as illegal or prescription drugs.

What Does DUI Insurance Mean?

Popularly, insurance for drivers who have a DUI is usually called “DUI insurance.” Professionally, a DUI insurance policy does not exist. The term is essentially used to promote, market, and attract customers for the insurance product. DUI insurance is simply a personalized car insurance policy for drivers who have been convicted of DUI.

Effect of DUI on Your Insurance Premium

As determined by your insurer, your risk of being involved in an accident is a factor that affects the rate of your car insurance. Also, being convicted of a DUI is considered very risky. However, your unique circumstances may determine the effect of a DUI on your car insurance premium. Ideally, the average premium for a typical one-car/one-driver policy could rise to a few hundred dollars.

When DUI Expires on Your Driving Record

On average, DUI remains on your driving record for between three to five years in most states. The state of California allows a DUI to stay on your driving record for ten years in specific cases. However, do not mistake a driving record for a criminal record as a DUI may remain on your criminal record for life.

How to Get DUI Insurance

It could be difficult obtaining DUI insurance as most companies do not insure high-risk drivers or sell car insurance to DUI convicts. However, at EZ Center Insurance Services, an independent insurance agency, we will shop to compare rates and get you the best DUI insurance coverage that meets your need.
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