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Medical Marijuana Insurance

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EZ Center Insurance Services is located in the heart of the business district in Hollywood. When it comes to Medical Marijuana Insurance, we have several options for medical marijuana manufacturers, growers and dispensaries.

Marijuana is a drug that is made up of the leaves, flowers, and buds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It can be smoked, cooked into food or brewed to make a tea to relieve various symptoms where traditional medications have failed the patient. The providers of this product are subject to the same possible loss that every business is exposed to.

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Hollywood Medical Marijuana Insurance

We offer insurance products and coverage for marijuana dispensaries, marijuana growers, dispensaries and those industries that produce cannabis infused products as well as cultivation centers.

The basic coverage you will need to properly protect your business interest is general liability, product liability and workers compensation if you have employees. You will also want to have property insurance coverage for your real and or business personal property. This extends itself to build outs (also referred to as tenant improvements & betterments) of the facility you operate from as well protection against loss to your inventory.

Types of Medical Marijuana Insurance

Types of Medical Marijuana Insurance

General liability insurance purchased from EZ Center Insurance Services protects your business from third party liability claims. Included in this form is coverage for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage to property of others that you are legally liable for such as landlords. It can encompass personal and advertising injury as well.

Products liability may or may not be included depending on your actual operations. In the event your insurance company elects to exclude products liability not to worry the agents at the EZ Center Insurance Services in Hollywood can purchase a separate cost effective policy for you to protect this exposure.

Products Liability insurance provides coverage for a manufacturer or seller that is held legally liable to a defect in their product that causes injury to a person or persons. All sellers in the chain of distribution of the product can be held responsible. It conforms to the stature of strict liability that states a manufacturer, seller or a distributor of a product determined to be defective is responsible regardless of their intent to provide a defective product to a consumer who sustains an injury as a result of the use of the product.

Medical Marijuana Insurance Benefits

Workers Compensation provides benefits defined by statute for your employees who sustain an injury, disease or illness during the course of or as a result of their employment with you.

Business Property insurance protects you if you own the facility you are operating from. This section of insurance coverage will also include your commercial property and inventory. Remember to take into account any build outs you have done to customize and streamline your business.

If you own company vehicles you will require commercial auto insurance and cargo coverage to protect any product you are transporting.

Discuss with your independent agent at EZ Center Insurance Services about Medical Marijuana Insurance in Hollywood. We have many options and can bundle your insurance.